recycling the burlap!

I decided today to have a clear out in our porch… All 2 square metres of it! Yes I know… its just a porch but for some reason it ends up being the place to store stuff that I don’t want to see inside the house… yet it just happens to be the first ‘room’ that visitors walk in to… first impressions they say… hehe!! Any how’s, there I found a few old worn out shopping bags… The stronger jute/burlap type that the checkout staff ask you to buy so as not to keep using the plastic carrier bags. I was just about to throw them away when it occurred to me that I’d seen a tutorial somewhere for a flag style burlap bunting…

So, simple pattern cut, embroidery machine at the ready and, hey presto… A new string of bunting ready to hang in the garden!

Now all we need is a little gentle heat to go with the beautiful sunshine!