A couple of peeps in a sewing group that I belong to have asked about my sewing thread racks. I make mostly everything myself for my sewing room. This ensures that my room fits around me and how I like to do things. 

Here’s a rough plan of how I created my thread holders, but you could adapt it to suit you whether you want it smaller or larger dependant on how many threads you have. I actually have hundreds of different spools of thread including woolly nylon cones and embroidery threads but I do prefer to keep my walls minimal and clutter free. I work better when my room is less cluttered! 

I used smooth planed timber (84mm x 18mm) for the side panels and 70mm x 15mm for the top panel and 5 x 28mm x 18mm timbers each with 9 6mm dowels sunken into each strip (dowel holes need to be drilled slightly smaller in diameter to the dowel to make them tight and don’t drill the hole all the way through as they need a stop point to keep them from falling through if the holes ever loosen) each of the spool holder bars are screwed in from the side panels and are left slightly at an angle so as to get to the spools easily. I counter sunk the screws and filled them with wood filler before painting the rack. 
Oh and the bottom pots were from Ikea (99p) each and are hung from a piece of wide dowelling. 

I made a similar one for my embroidery threads but as of yet (I made it well over a year ago!), I still have yet to paint it white! 

You can see on the embroidery thread holder that I didn’t counter sink the screws but will do before I paint it. 
I hope that helps! 


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