Lazy Suzanne… not so lazy! 

This is just a quick type and run post.

I wanted to share with you a quick diy project that has helped me out with so many small makes.

I use rotary cutters for cutting my fabric. Occasionally I use my fabric shears, but mostly, I prefer to use my rotary cutters. The problem is with some small patterns, be it a quilt block or cutting out a teeny baby shoe pattern, is that, the patterns can be so small and awkward to cut. I’ve come close to slicing through my left hand before as I try holding/rotating with my leg hand and slicing through my layers of fabric with a rather lethal looking piece of thin, sharp circular disc!

That’s where my wonderful lazy Suzanne came to the rescue!

I’d had it hanging around the house for a few months but, it was always too cumbersome to use at the dining table.

So, after grabbing my tin snips, yep… tin snips work great for cutting out cutting mats, I drew around the shape of the lazy Suzanne, cut it out and grabbed some rubber cement and glued it to the lazy Suzanne top.

It works a treat and now I don’t live in fear of slicing through my hand!

I tweaked it a little here and there. My hubs and I are both cobblers by trade and so to get a real smooth edge I took it to work to scour the edge smooth. You can do this by hand using a fine grade sheet of sandpaper.

Try it… you’ll love it!