owls… fit for a princess!

May Day… As always in the UK, it’s the bank holiday sooo… One should expect rain! Except, it didn’t rain this year, it literally poured and poured and…. POURED!!

No point making plans, besides, most of my boys were away enjoying the May Day weekend break. Me? Best thing I could do was take a trip into town and raid the craft stores, well… Those that were open! Fenwicks came up trumps, they had a May Day special offer on, spend over £10 on fabric and get 20% off! Well… They made that easy!!

I found this gorgeous owl fabric and contrasting delicate white petal print fabric…

Oh my gosh, the picture does not do it justice. This fabric is just beautiful to use and a steal with the discount!

I could not resist using it for my favourite teeny tiny pinny! I completed the set with a little pair of ‘toms’ inspired baby shoes! Pattern to follow!

Our Leicester branch Fenwicks doesn’t have the biggest selection of haberdashery supplies, but what they do have is pure quality and the prettiest of fabrics!


recycling the burlap!

I decided today to have a clear out in our porch… All 2 square metres of it! Yes I know… its just a porch but for some reason it ends up being the place to store stuff that I don’t want to see inside the house… yet it just happens to be the first ‘room’ that visitors walk in to… first impressions they say… hehe!! Any how’s, there I found a few old worn out shopping bags… The stronger jute/burlap type that the checkout staff ask you to buy so as not to keep using the plastic carrier bags. I was just about to throw them away when it occurred to me that I’d seen a tutorial somewhere for a flag style burlap bunting…

So, simple pattern cut, embroidery machine at the ready and, hey presto… A new string of bunting ready to hang in the garden!

Now all we need is a little gentle heat to go with the beautiful sunshine!